Energy Conservation and Efficiency Guide

When considering a switch to cleaner energy sources, the first step is to invest in improving the energy efficiency of your home or business. Regardless of whether you are renovating your home or business, thinking of installing renewable energy systems, or just trying to improve comfort and lower energy bills, reducing usage is the clear first step. After all, the cleanest, cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one you never use!

Invest in Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Explore the following DIY guides to conservation and energy efficiency to assess your current energy usage, and note low- to no-cost changes you can implement right away.

Planning efficiency upgrades for a school, business or place of worship? Check out these helpful guides explaining where to start:

A home energy audit by a qualified professional is the best way to identify problems with your home's energy performance and create a list of improvements that will provide the greatest return on investment.

If you live in the High Country region of North Carolina, check the Appalachian Energy Center's Energy Extension Services portion of our website. We may be able to assist while providing an experiential learning opportunity for college students!

Want to learn more about the assessments and services provided through an energy audit?

Explore the following resources to find a qualified energy specialist near you:

North Carolina Resources:

Western North Carolina and East Tennessee Resources:

Despite providing a strong return-on-investment, many home energy upgrades come with a significant up-front cost. Check out the following links to explore financing, as well as rebates and incentives for which you may qualify:

North Carolina:

Boone and the High Country:

Rural and Agricultural Resources:

Low-Income Resources:

Are the weatherization, efficiency or energy cost-reduction measures you need still beyond your ability to finance? Or maybe you simply aren't sure if investing in an energy audit and retrofit is right for you? Check out these local and state services that are designed to support low-income households, as well as funding opportunities for business owners, homeowners and renters who are on the fence about energy efficiency upgrades.

Low-Income Resources:

Business, Agricultural and Other Selected Resources:

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