Install and Invest

For those considering making energy efficiency upgrades or installing renewable energy systems, this compilation of guides, toolkits, cost calculators and maps is made just for you. Visit our Energy Conservation and Efficiency Guide and Solar Energy Installation Guide below to check out the steps we suggest for making your own personalized clean energy plan. If you need additional information, more helpful resources can be found by searching the database below.

Install & Invest Resource Database

Resource Source and Description Audience Topic Type Additional Tags File
Google EV Charging Station Map

Search for electric vehicle charging stations and see real time availability of charging ports by searching "EV Charging Station" in Google Maps.

Google Maps
Green Tune-Up and Remodel ROI Charts

Green and Save's return on investment charts calculate the payback of energy saving appliances and systems over traditional ones.

Green and Save
Tool or Calculator
Guide for Renting and Creating Lower Cost, Energy Efficient Apartments and Homes

This guide from NEEP includes a checklist for selecting energy efficient rental homes and tips for no- and low-cost improvements renters can make to improve comfort and to save energy and money.

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
Guide or Toolkit
PDF icon Download (8.76 MB)
Home Efficiency Analysis Tool

This interactive tool provides personalized project guides based on details of your home's size and construction.

Touchstone Energy Cooperative
Tool or Calculator
Home Energy DIY Guides

Explore energy efficiency factsheets (many with Spanish translations), designed to help residents improve the comfort of their homes as well as reduce energy costs.

Dr. Sarah Kirby, NC State Extension
Guide or Toolkit
Home Energy Saver Energy Calculator

The Home Energy Saver Energy Calculator is an interactive tool designed to help homeowners explore energy efficiency improvements personalized to the needs of their home and compare costs and savings for each potential upgrade.

U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tool or Calculator
Homeowner's Guide to Solar Financing

The Homeowner's Guide to Solar Financing is a 26-page booklet designed to introduce homeowners to leases, loans and PPAs for solar PV systems.

Clean Energy States Alliance
Guide or Toolkit
PDF icon Download (9.99 MB)
Housing & Energy

A collection of resources related to healthy homes, indoor air quality, moisture control, weatherization, energy efficiency and more

Dr. Sarah Kirby, NC State Extension
Guide or Toolkit
How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Learn more about the different types of wind turbines, and explore an interactive animation explaining the mechanics of wind turbines.

Department of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Indoor Air Quality

This 3-page fact sheet provides introductory information on the main characteristics of indoor air quality.

Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Advanced Energy
PDF icon Download (648.37 KB)

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