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This collection is a great place to start if you are looking to learn more about the basics of clean energy technologies or teach these topics to K-12 students. Explore our list of K-12 Energy Curricula Resources and the resources contained in our Clean Energy Basics collection, or search the table below to find the specific resources you need.

Learn & Teach Resource Database

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100+ Ways to Conserve Resources

A list of changes to make around the home or office to help save energy, water and other resources

New River Light & Power
Biodiesel Basics

This factsheet from the Department of Energy answers frequently asked questions about biodiesel fuel.

U.S. Department of Energy
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Biofuels Basics

Explore this overview of biofuel technologies that in use today, as well as those being developed by the Bioenergy Technologies Office.

U.S. Department of Energy
Biogas 101 Factsheet

Factsheet describing biogas processing and distribution

American Biogas Council
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Building Certification Program Guide

The Building Certification Program Guide from Home Energy NC provides details on certification programs available in North Carolina, as well as some helpful attributes for comparing programs.

Home Energy NC
Guide or Toolkit
Centralized Anaerobic Digestion

Find a description of centralized anaerobic digestion technology, as well as an overview of sites and economic impact in the U.S.

Climate Impacts on Energy

Review the EPA's 2017 snapshots to discover some of the impacts climate change is set to have on energy production, delivery and consumption in the United States.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

A collection of classroom ready and peer-reviewed activities, videos, demonstrations and experiments

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science and the Science Education Resource Center
Guide or Toolkit
Energy Explained

Energy Explained is the U.S. Energy Information Administration's plain language energy encyclopedia, developed to help promote energy literacy.

U.S. Energy Information Administration
Energy Kids

Resources for students and teachers including lesson plans, games, activities and experiments

U.S. Energy Information Administration
Guide or Toolkit

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