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This collection is a great place to start if you are looking to learn more about the basics of clean energy technologies or teach these topics to K-12 students. Explore our list of K-12 Energy Curricula Resources and the resources contained in our Clean Energy Basics collection, or search the table below to find the specific resources you need.

Learn & Teach Resource Database

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Energy Saver 101 - Home Energy Audits

This infographic explains the steps of a professional energy audit.

Department of Energy
Energy Savings Potential State Fact Sheets

These factsheets present the potential for economic, energy and utility bill savings for each state, as well as a list of the top ten energy savings home improvements.

ResStock and National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Housing & Energy

A collection of resources related to healthy homes, indoor air quality, moisture control, weatherization, energy efficiency and more

Dr. Sarah Kirby, NC State Extension
Guide or Toolkit
How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Learn more about the different types of wind turbines, and explore an interactive animation explaining the mechanics of wind turbines.

Department of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
IEEFA Research Topics

Find IEEFA research and reports listed by topic, region or by energy company.

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
Indoor Air Quality

This 3-page fact sheet provides introductory information on the main characteristics of indoor air quality.

Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Advanced Energy
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Lighting Your House

A 2-page factsheet explaining the potential savings of switching to LED light bulbs in the home, with tips for selecting the right bulbs

Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Advanced Energy
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Living Comfortably: A Consumer's Guide to Home Energy Upgrades

This guide from the Department of Energy serves as a starting place for consumers seeking to learn the basics of air sealing, insulation, appliance energy usage and choosing a professional energy auditor.

U.S. Department of Energy
Guide or Toolkit
Lowering Your Electric Bill

Blog by Advanced Energy including a breakdown of typical home energy use, as well as the most effective low- and high-cost improvements

Jonathan Susser, Advanced Energy
Microhydro Equipment & Design

This article from issue #181 of Home Power Magazine covers the process of installing a microhydropower system, from the intake to power electronics.

Hugh Piggott, Home Power Magazine
Guide or Toolkit
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