Stakeholders and Policymakers

If you are a voter or elected official participating in energy decision-making, this collection is designed to help you promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in your community. Explore our collection of Decision Maker Guides to learn about existing initiatives and how to plan your own. Or search the table below to find existing ordinances, economic development data and cost-benefit analysis tools.

Stakeholders & Policymakers Resource Database

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ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union - Energy Efficient Loan Program

ElecTel's loan program is available to members of select North Carolina electric cooperatives to finance home energy efficiency improvements, as well as solar, solar storage, and more.

ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union
Electricity Regulation in the United States: A Guide

This 210-page handbook was designed by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to provide an overview of the procedures and issues involved with U.S. electricity regulation.

Jim Lazar; The Regulatory Assistance Project
Guide or Toolkit
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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources for Rural K-12 School Energy Managers and Educators

This 8-page guide offers tips for implementing energy efficiency measures in K-12 school districts and includes numerous case studies and resources for benchmarking, implementation, financing and behavior change programs.

U.S. Department of Energy, Better Buildings
Guide or Toolkit
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Energy Efficiency—Jobs and Investments

Factsheet describing the economic benefits of energy efficiency investments and number of jobs created

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Energy Savings Potential State Fact Sheets

These factsheets present the potential for economic, energy and utility bill savings for each state, as well as a list of the top ten energy savings home improvements.

ResStock and National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Energy Star Rebate Finder

Energy Star database of rebates and special offers for energy-saving appliances

Energy Star
Guide or Toolkit
Executive Energy Leadership Academy

The Executive Energy Leadership Academy provides industry and community leaders an opportunity to learn about advanced energy technologies to guide their organizations in energy-related decisions and planning.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Housing & Energy

A collection of resources related to healthy homes, indoor air quality, moisture control, weatherization, energy efficiency and more

Dr. Sarah Kirby, NC State Extension
Guide or Toolkit
Housing Matters: Mapping Energy Burden

This blog post by NC Housing Coalition explains the problem of energy burden in NC and includes snapshots of state energy burden numbers and maps of the counties most affected.

North Carolina Housing Coalition
HydroSource New Stream-Reach Development Resource Assessment

The New Stream-Reach Development Resource Assessment (NSD) project uses an innovative geographic approach to analyze the potential for new hydropower development in US stream segments that do not currently have hydroelectric facilities.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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