AEC Reports & Publications


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Appalachian Energy Center Appalachian State University Work Plan, July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020Staff ReportJul 01 2019AEC_SOW_19-20_Final.pdf
Appalachian Energy Center DEQ Scope of Work, 2017 - 2019Ramey, Michael; Ramsdell, Jeffrey; Miller, Janet; Hoyle, Jason; Plummer, GraceJul 01 2017AEC_SOW_17-19_FinalPublicVersion.pdf
Planting the Seeds for a Robust WNC Biofuels Sector - Final ReportJeremy FerrellNov 13 2014AEC_Final_Report_PlantingtheSeeds_AdvWest_11.14.14.pdf
Economic Developer's Guide to the Renewable Energy Industries, Vol. 5Hoyle, J.Jun 01 2013devguide_v5.pdf
Energy Internships in North Carolina: An evaluation of Experiences and Indicators for the FutureHoyle, J., Hoepfl, M.Apr 19 2012SEIP-Impacts_Presentation.pdf
Energy Internships in North Carolina: A Report on the Impacts of the State Energy Internship and Fellowship ProgramHoyle, J., Hoepfl, M., Murphy, L.Apr 01 2012Final_Report_SEIP_Impacts_Study.pdf
Annual Report of the Appalachian Energy Center, 2009-2010Staff ReportDec 30 2010revision 2011 02 01 AEC Annual Report 2009-2010.docx
Economic Developer's Guide to the Renewale Energy Industries, Vol. 4Hoyle, J.Apr 24 2010devguide_vol4.pdf
Energy Efficiency Improvements through the North Carolina Building CodeMathis ConsultingOct 01 2009NGAGrantFinalReport.pdf
North Carolina Economic Developer's Guide to the Renewable Energy Industries Vol. 3Hoyle, J.Apr 14 2009devguide_v3.pdf
Building Envelope PresentationTiller, J., Powell, R.Oct 30 2008BuildingEnvelope.pdf
NC Model Wind OrdinanceN.C. Wind Working GroupJul 30 2008NCModelWindOrd_July2008.pdf
Secondary Economic Impact Analysis of Various Climate Mitigation Options for North Carolina (final draft results)Ponder, D.Apr 22 2008LCGCCpresent.pdf
Economic Developer's Guide to the Renewable Energy Industries, Vol. 2Hoyle, J.Jan 16 2008devguide_v2.pdf
Manufacturing Case Study: Microcell Corp.Hoyle, J.Dec 01 2007case_microcell.pdf
Manufacturing Case Study: PPG-Devold LLCHoyle, J.Dec 01 2007case_ppg-devold.pdf
Manufacturing Case Study: Foothills BiodieselHoyle, J.Dec 01 2007case_foothills.pdf
Manufacturing Case Study: DuPont Corp.Hoyle, J.Dec 01 2007case_dupont.pdf
ENERGY STAR Programs for Manufactured HomesBall, L.Nov 16 2007estar07_mfghomes.pdf
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - LEED ™Elam, L.Nov 16 2007CommLEED.pdf
State Energy Office Program Impact Summary, 2000-2006Ponder, D., Hoyle, J.Mar 13 2007SEOimpactsumm07_final.pdf
Zero Energy Homes ReportTait, A.Apr 27 2006ZEH_report.pdf
Economic Developer's Guide to the Renewable Energy Industries, Vol. 1Hoyle, J.Jul 06 2005EDHandbook.pdf
Affordable Passive Solar Planbook-view detailed plans on our Programs pageElam, L., Tiller, J., Ball, L.Jul 05 2005APSplanbook.pdf
Biofuels for Transportation in North CarolinaRamsdell, J., Frazer, B.Jun 30 2005biofuels_booklet.pdf
Fuel Cells: An Emerging Force in NC's Economy?Press ReleaseJan 25 2005ncfca_press_1-05.pdf
2003 North Carolina State Energy PlanTiller, J., Grady, D.Nov 10 2004sep_12-04.pdf
State Energy Office Program Funding ImpactsTiller, J., Grady, D.Sep 16 2004SEOprogram_impact.pdf
Clean Energy Funding for North CarolinaTiller, J., Grady, D.Sep 10 2004SEOimpact.pdf
NC Opportunities in Renewable Energy ManufacturingHoyle, J.Jul 07 2004SE2.pdf
Summary of NC Fuel Cell Alliance Inaugural MeetingMcVey, C., Hoyle, J.Jun 24 2004NCFuelCellAlliancereport.pdf
Public Attitudes Toward Wind Energy in Western and Eastern NC: A Systematic SurveyGrady, D.Mar 04 2004wnc_enc_present.pdf
Public Attitudes Toward Wind Energy in Coastal NC: A Systematic SurveyGrady, D., Cousino, K.Feb 26 2004enc_pubsurvey.pdf
Feasibility of Wind Energy for the Mountain Regions of NC: A GIS PerspectiveScanlin, D., Li, X.Dec 09 2002mtnwind_feasibility.pdf
Public Attitudes Toward Wind Energy in Western NC: A Systematic SurveyGrady, D.Dec 09 2002wnc_pubsurvey.pdf
Laws, Regulations, Permits, Policies, Positions and Wind TurbinesScanlin, D.Nov 09 2002windlaw.pdf