Open Call for Proposals 19-20 Cycle - AEC Internal Grant Opportunity

The Appalachian Energy Center (AEC) is open to proposals for funding to support research, engagement, and educational activities that align with the state-sponsored portion of our mission. Please see the focus areas below and the full solicitation with scope of work attached that details funding priorities and the application process. Appalachian faculty and staff may submit proposals to support work conducted in one or more of the focus areas.

Awards are limited to $5,000. In exceptional circumstances, such as the need to purchase equipment critical to the research proposal, an award of up to $10,000 may be considered. Available funding for all awards is limited to $30,000. Proposals are due February 17, 2020. Award announcements are expected by February 24, 2020.

Focus Areas

Extension, Education and Outreach

This work seeks to disseminate knowledge related to energy efficiency and renewable energy through education, outreach, and extension programming.

Clean Energy Conversion and Supply

This work seeks to support design, manufacturing, and implementation of renewable energy systems in North Carolina.

Energy Consumption and Efficient Infrastructure

This work seeks to improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings as well as some transportation systems in North Carolina.

Emerging Issues, Policy, Economics and Societal Impacts

Activities under this area of work support the pursuit of economic prosperity, new jobs, technological development and deployment, and the growth of business and industry with a focus on more productive use of natural resources, more efficient and efficacious use of energy, and increased activity by businesses in energy or environment related markets with activity and opportunities for North Carolina.

Efficient Distribution and Grid Integration

This program area seeks to improve the efficiency of energy distribution across the state.

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Published: Feb 5, 2020 9:08am