Student Research Grants - Spring 2013

Research Institute for the Environment, Energy and Economics (RIEEE) Grants

The Research Institute for the Environment, Energy and Economics (RIEEE) at ASU is making three (3) research grants available for up to $500 to students who are conducting research pertaining to the environment, energy or economics.

Research projects can be proposed by a single student or collaborative teams of more than one student. Collaborative project descriptions should explain what each team member will be contributing and why they are seeking to work collaboratively. These grants can be used for research supplies and research related expenses but not travel to present results at a meeting. Only undergraduate students enrolled at any time during the academic year are eligible.

Grant winners will be published on the RIEEE website and may be asked to present their research at future conferences.

The deadline for applications is Friday, Feb. 15. All awarded funding must be able to be expended by May 31. The Office of Student Research must have the student's completed online application, as well as a signed letter of recommendation from their Faculty Advisor. Applications and additional information are available at

Please call the Office of Student Research at 828.262.7655 if you have any questions.

Published: Jan 25, 2013 12:17pm