Sustainability Council Competitive Arts Grants

The ASU Sustainability Council is proud to announce the Sustainable Arts Grants Awards. The primary goals of these grants will be to educate and raise awareness of sustainability on the ASU campus. ASU students, staff, faculty, and administrators are eligible to apply for these grants. Student applications must include a faculty advisor willing to support the project. On average 3-5 projects have been awarded each year for a total of $2,500 annually.

Grant proposals will be reviewed by the following criteria:

  • We consider a work of art to be "sustainable" to the extent that it conveys the idea that all aspects of life are inter-dependent, inspires the audience to place greater value on health, justice and friendship;
  • makes the audience think about environmental (green) issues;
  • was produced by a system where there is a continuous effort to reduce waste and pollution;
  • has the potential to motivate people and to raise money for re-investment in the production of further "sustainable" works; and,
  • raises awareness and provides sustainability education to the ASU campus.

All projects awarded should be displayed/performed/presented on the ASU campus during the 2013/2014 academic year.

All forms of art are acceptable, including 2-dimensional, digital, 3-dimensional and/or performance projects.

Proposals are due March 22, 2013 and should include the following information:

  • Brief biographical sketch of applicant(s) including name/title/department/campus email and phone number
  • Student application should include faculty advisor email address and phone number
  • Brief description of sustainable arts project, 2 page maximum
  • Budget – materials/supplies, consultant, communication (postage/phone), travel, and availability of additional funding from department/university

Please direct questions and send proposals to:

Laurie Atkins

Department of Theatre and Dance


Published: Mar 18, 2013 1:04pm