Sustainable Energy Speaker Series: Ryan Miller

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Ryan Miller, Founder & Executive Director for the North Carolina Building Performance Association

Building Energy Efficiency: The Foundation of North Carolina’s Clean Energy Future

Monday, September 23 | 4:00 - 5:00pm
Plemmons Student Union, Room 201A Price Lake Room
FREE and open to the public

Solar rooftops.  Wind farms.  Electric vehicles.  Battery storage.  Grid modernization.  These are the clean energy topics that most North Carolina advocates, policymakers, utilities and consumers are focused on in 2019.  What’s missing?  The largest, least-cost and most impactful sector of our state’s clean energy economy: energy efficiency.  This sector, which employs more than 55% of the clean energy workforce and contributes nearly 4% to the state’s annual gross domestic product, is often overlooked and sometimes ignored entirely.  With buildings consuming nearly 60% of our state’s annual energy usage and wasting nearly 17%, improving building energy efficiency could help to meet our clean energy goals 10 to 15 years faster than current goals of 30 to 40 years from now.  In doing so, the state and its citizens would benefit from lasting job creation, economic development, improved health and safety for citizens and workers, and much more.  Learn how North Carolina can meet its clean energy, renewable energy and carbon emission goals by implementing an #EnergyEfficiencyFirst strategy. 

About Ryan Miller

Ryan is the Founder and Executive Director of North Carolina Building Performance Association, the state’s not-for-profit trade association representing building performance companies and professionals. Ryan leads the association’s work with member builders, developers, contractors, product suppliers and many others to grow the industry and member businesses. Since founding NCBPA in 2014, Ryan has led the startup of three other building performance associations in Georgia, South Carolina and Maryland. In January of 2018, Ryan was awarded the 2017 Young Green Professional of the Year award by the National Association of Home Builders and currently serves on the association’s Sustainability & Green Building Subcommittee.

Ryan’s work at NCBPA includes:

  • Developing member services, events and programs that improve member company profitability and professional education.
  • Advocating and lobbying for improved business, regulatory and policy climates for industry companies and consumers.
  • Improving the market value of high performance homes and buildings.
  • Creating workforce development resources and campaigns.
  • Educating building owners and operators on the benefits of high performance buildings.

Ryan speaks regularly to students about industry career opportunities and frequently connects students and professionals to job opportunities with industry companies. As NCBPA’s principal lobbyist, Ryan leads advocacy and lobbying efforts to implement an #EnergyEfficiencyFirst policy strategy for the state.

About the Sustainable Energy Speaker Series

The Sustainable Energy Speaker Series was created to deepen campus and community understanding of contemporary energy issues and spur conversation around energy topics. The series is a joint effort of the Appalachian Energy Center and the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment.

*Attendance will be kept for faculty offering extra credit for students.*
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