Demonstration of root zone heating supported by the developed biomass greenhouse heating system

This project expands the work of the NEXUS team to pilot a root zone heating design with a cooperating farm in the High Country.  The NEXUS is a sustainable, closed-loop production system that uses agricultural wastes to generate energy to heat greenhouses and produce soil amendments. The proposed low-cost biomass greenhouse heating systems will help resource-limited farmers extend the growing season and reduce energy costs, resulting in a more profitable and environmentally beneficial small farm operation.  The root zone heating system will direct waste heat from a co-located biochar kiln to a grow bench, and the team will evaluate its performance and the energy and cost performance during cold-season production activities.

Sponsor: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program - Southern region via University of Georgia

Amount: $14,883


  • Ok-Youn Yu
  • Jeremy Ferrell
  • Jim Houser
  • Hei-young Kim

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Plants on heating bench at the NEXUS
Published: Aug 13, 2019 4:52pm