Open Call for Proposals 18-19 Cycle - AEC Internal Grant Opportunity

The Appalachian Energy Center will award a limited number of grants this fall to support faculty- or staff-led work in the energy domain. Please see focus areas below and the full solicitation attached that details funding priorities and the application process.

Proposals for up to $5,000 are due November 12, 2018 for projects to be completed by June 30, 2019. Award announcements are expected November 22, 2018.

Focus Areas

Extension, Education and Outreach

This program area seeks to provide resources and services to disseminate knowledge, increase understanding, and enable adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
Work in this program area includes workforce development and continuing education activities, outreach and community engagement, and extension services and development assistance.

Clean Energy Conversion and Supply

This program area seeks to support design, manufacturing, and implementation of renewable energy systems in North Carolina, including education, outreach, and research activities that lead to an increase in the number and scale of renewable energy systems installed in the state. Efficient Distribution and Grid Integration
This program area seeks to improve the efficiency of energy distribution across the state and includes work on distributed generation, emerging power systems, and electric utility operations and infrastructure innovations.

Energy Consumption and Efficient Infrastructure

This program area seeks to improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings while maintaining a healthy indoor environment, as well as improving the efficiency of transportation systems in North Carolina.

Emerging Issues, Policy, Economics and Societal Impacts

This program area is primarily concerned with energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, environmental asset markets, and development and deployment of technologies and business models that improve economic outcomes for citizens and businesses.


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Published: Oct 23, 2018 9:01am