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AEC Workshops Provide North Carolina Builder Institute Continuing Education Credits
Apr 10, 2015

Appalachian Energy Center is pleased to announce that most of our workshops now provide continuing education credits for home builders that have earne...

New video highlighting the tremendous growth of the commercial photovoltaic industry in NC
Dec 1, 2014

SunSurge Carolina: Watch this video directed by Dr. Dennis Scanlin highlighting the tremendous growth of the commercial photovoltaic industry in NC.[[...

Waste pickers in a landfill

Appalachian’s Energy Center will help improve life for Brazil’s catadores
Jul 29, 2014

BOONE—A community-based landfill gas project in Brazil piloted in 2009 by the Appalachian Energy Center located at Appalachian State University will...

Team REC

Maison Reciprocity row house design ranks 9th in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014
Jul 18, 2014

Congratulations to Team Reciprocity for taking 9th in Solar Decathalon Europe 2014! The net-zero energy house was constructed in Boone. Six 40-foot mo...

Team REC

Voting for Team Reciprocity begins June 28!
Jun 27, 2014

Appalachian State University's Team Reciprocity is competing in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition. The house has passed inspection and ready...

Neumünster, Germany, Hosts 9th International Hydrail Conference June 16-18
Jun 11, 2014

Neumünster, in the Northern German State of Schleswig-Holstein, will host the Ninth International Hydrail Conference ("9IHC") on 16-18 June this year...

AEC 2015 Workshops

Appalachian Energy Center 2015 Workshop Series Schedule Announced
Mar 28, 2014

Appalachian Energy Center Workshop Series begins April 10 at Appalachian in Boone, NC.The workshops cover a unique and broad range of energy related t...

Call for Student Poster Abstracts - Win Cash and a Trip to Boone!
Feb 20, 2014

As part of the 2014 Appalachian Energy Summit the Appalachian Energy Center announces a Call for Student Poster Abstracts for the 2nd Annual Appalachi...

Waste pickers in a landfill

Community-Based Landfill Gas Development In Ceará, Brazil
Nov 12, 2013

The Appalachian Energy Center is involved in a pilot project in Maracanau, Ceara, Brazil which will improve the lives of local "catadores" or waste pi...

Appalachian Energy Center is on Facebook
Oct 23, 2013

"Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date on what is going on at the Energy Center....