Work Areas

Appalachian Energy Center Workshop Series

Appalachian Energy Center combines the expertise of Appalachian State University with national experts to bring you the most comprehensive clean energy-related professional development courses. Our workshops are designed to help you build your knowledge and stay competitive in the green job market. The series runs from April to October every year and are scheduled on Fridays so visitors can stay the weekend and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina mountains. View the schedule.

Program Staff: Janet Miller

North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance

The North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance (NCEEA) was established in 2010 as a state-funded non-profit organization with the goal of supporting energy efficient and third party certified construction in NC. The NCEEA is dedicated to educating all the various stakeholders in the home building industry about the benefits of constructing energy efficient homes and buildings. The Alliance provides education and training resources for each of the parties involved in the home building industry, including workshops, access to professionals, and printed publications and resources. Find more information about the Alliance.

Program Staff: Jeff Tiller, Chuck Perry, and Janet Miller

Community-based Landfill Gas Projects

The center works to help create LFG energy projects for community and economic development by engaging the community in project planning and project management, LFG development, grant implementation, and creating funding strategies for project development.

SWANA Landfill Gas Presentation, March 2018

Previous Projects - Community TIES

Program Staff: Stan Steury

Energy Policy & Project Development Analysis

The Appalachian Energy Center offers technical, financial, and economic analysis services to energy consumers, government agencies, utilities, related service providers, and renewable energy project developers. These services include activities such as interpreting rate schedules for both buying and selling electricity, guidance on the availability of incentives, insight into REC markets, and research into federal and state regulations, policy, and case law related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electric utilities, among others.

Carbon Markets & Greenhouse Gas Accounting

During nearly 12 years of carbon market-related work, the Appalachian Energy Center (AEC) has extensive experience with leveraging carbon finance for energy and offset project development, conducting carbon market analysis and consumer research studies, preparing carbon footprint analysis, and providing greenhouse gas-focused education and outreach. Recently the AEC, as part of the Appalachian Carbon Research Group, has been examining forest-based carbon offset protocols and exploring ways in which carbon markets may increase the value of southeastern forests through activities such as the Forest Offset Workshop series.